Scientists Uncover Method To Literally 'Read' Human Thoughts

NRM writes "Researchers from the University of California have developed a remarkable method that has allowed them to discern what a patient is thinking through de-constructing their associative brain waves. While still incredibly early in its potential implications, such a method of interpreting someone's thoughts without the need for speech to be crafted could be hugely significant for loved one's and medical staff to communicate with those who are unable to speak; such as comatose patients, or those suffering with 'locked-in syndrome'..."

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SquishyGorilla3272d ago

This is actually amazing. I love reading about medical technology breakthroughs!

LOOK_AT_THIS_I3272d ago

They are thinking that I am thinking "no f'n way". They are right. Could be good could be bad thinking of ways it will be abused in the future. Minority report style

Fadetoblack693271d ago

"Scientists hope to complete this technology within the next year. Popular websites Facebook and Google have already signed on to implement this technology once completed."

NarooN3271d ago

If this continues, I foresee a dystopian future, pretty much just like Minority Report, Ghost in the Shell, etc.

DarkBlood3271d ago

this would work well on animals in terms of getting a feel of whats wrong and other stuff etc etc

next they should add voice translator to that tech damn i love technology