Tablet + ICS in person = Sci-Fi

GTMAM writes:

"Swear to god, sometimes I look at modern tech and I think I’m watching a sci-fi flick. My buddy updated his tablet today to Ice Cream Sandwich (aka ICS aka Android 4.0) and the display is easily the most beautiful, fluent, futuristic thing I have ever seen. Just looking at someone holding a device as slim and sleek as a tablet running ICS is a nerds wet dream."

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raytraceme3886d ago

Myh hp touchpad cost me $100 and I got ics before most tablet owners HA!!! And I have encountered no bugs as of yet so win win win :D

blumatt3886d ago

lol I'll probably still get an iPad 3 since all my bought music and movies, etc. will work on it more easily. BUT, and I say but, Ice Cream Sandwich is a gorgeous OS. Android has come a long way.