Petition tells Apple: We want an 'ethical' iPhone 5

Josh Lowensohn, CNET:

"Watchdog group SumOfUs last week put up a petition asking Apple to "make the iPhone 5 ethically," referring to the company's use of overseas manufacturing from companies such as Foxconn, which have recently come under fire for their working conditions and practices"

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Sobari3956d ago

The people who signed this petition must not be very bright. There's nothing Apple can do in this situation. They've already tried demanding different work hours for the employees working on their products, and only a small number of companies actually complied. They could just take their business elsewhere, but where would they go? If the people that made this petition can't answer that, they really have no right to be making demands to begin with.

Kurylo3d3956d ago (Edited 3956d ago )

silicon valley? pay more money, but do it showing your customers that you care about human life and that your a company worth supporting. I mean thats not a very difficult concept is it? I think your the one whose not too bright. Enough people complain, means apple loses buisness because many of them may not buy their next iphone. If they lose money then they may just have a reason to give a damn.

We all know apple the corporation really doesnt give a damn though.

Your logic is flawed as well. If I go to a resturant because I cant cook and order the soup. The soup comes out tasting like dog crap. Do I not have a right to complain because I do not know what type of seasoning the chef should use?!