A History of P2P Sites Being Shut Down

Complex - Megaupload wasn't the first peer-to-peer service forced to closed shop. See which other sites have bitten the dust in the past.

fatstarr4502d ago

I missed those young days on the internet.

Hozi4501d ago

I know right! I remember the days of Napster and Kazaa. I was about 10 when they shut Napster down.


Remember LimeWire? Well, it's coming back as an NFT marketplace for some reason

This wasn't on my 2022 Bingo card.

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Kim Dotcom’s lawyer will also represent alleged KickassTorrents founder

Ira Rothken has kept Megaupload founder free for years. Can he do it again?

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Megaupload 2.0 to Launch With Original Megaupload User Database

Following the news earlier this week that Kim Dotcom intends to relaunch Megaupload, the entrepreneur has just delivered a new surprise. Rather than a cold start, Megaupload 2.0 will hit the ground running by deploying the original Megaupload user database.

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