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Digital Hippos Review: SteelSeries Diablo III Headset

Dustin of Digital Hippos writes: "In a world where cheap and flimsy electronics are becoming more and more commonplace, SteelSeries delivers an amazingly solid headset with gorgeous design. The lights and effects are beautiful and much more than just a cheap gimmick. If you are a Diablo III fan, pick these babies up. If you are a fan of quality design and audio, pick these up. If you are a fan of both, welcome to geek bliss."

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aDDicteD4485d ago

i like the design and the color,, i want one!


Apple mixed reality headset reportedly 'delayed' to later in 2023, says lead analyst

The Apple AR/VR headset is being held back by software, claims new report

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EvilCackle531d ago

Really hoping they use the AirPods Max case for this thing. That'd be hilarious.

SwiderMan531d ago

Such a strong hero image. Because it's the hero image the internet deserves, but not the one it needs right now.

241d ago

9 Best VR Headsets for Upcoming Metaverse world in 2022

1) Oculus Quest 2 (All-Time Best For Metaverse) 2) Pimax Vision 8K VR Headsets For Metaverse (Best 8k Metaverse) 3) Oculus Go Standalone Metaverse (Best in price)

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Ken Kutaragi, the PlayStation creator, finds the VR headsets annoying; he avoids the metaverse

"You'd rather be a polished avatar than your authentic self? That's essentially the same as using anonymous messageboards." According to the "Father of the

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