Can Google Predict Who You Are By The Sites You Visit?

NRM: "So Google revised it's privacy policy earlier this week, introducing all kinds of small modifications which were overshadowed by the sharing of information between the Google products you use. One of these changes has been an upgrade to the Ads preferences tab in your settings.

With this, you can see what information on interests Google has collected, based on the sites you've visited, and the general audience sector that the search engine has placed you in based upon it."

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kingPoS3961d ago (Edited 3961d ago )

I always wondered why Google was so cut throat in the Nikita tv show.
Truth in fiction...who knew? lol

duplissi3961d ago

i was about to think that this was an issue but then i saw that i opted out and are still opted out of this...

to keep it simple, there is no point in getting pissy at google for anything, considering they give you the option to opt out.

fatstarr3952d ago

this is deeper than we all know. My google searches have been modified blocking content... smh Im about to move to a free open source search engine thats dedicated to freedom and private searching running off some old google code b4 it was infected by SKYNET. someone is gonna make it after google screws up.