Google gives the OK for Motorola to sue Apple over Iphone 4S

Lawrence Latif, The Inquirer:

"Advertising broker Google seems to have given its blessing for Motorola to forge ahead with a patent infringement lawsuit against Apple.
Motorola Mobility, which is set to become part of Google, has alleged Apple infringed six patents with its Iphone 4S. The patents include one which is entitled "Receiver having concealed external antenna", something that could describe pretty much every mobile phone on sale today."

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colonel1793966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

What happens here is that Apple releases a product that it's successful, and when competitors can't have a piece of the cake, they go crying to mommy court.

I can't believe companies as big as Google, MS, Samsung, all cry over the success of the iPhone instead of using all those billions in R&D to get their own ideas.

I am not an Apple fanboy, and I don't know if Apple used their own ideas, or if they copied them, or if Steve Jobs got abducted by Aliens at some point and stole all of their technology while he was escaping, but the reality is that all this legal battles are just like kindergarten kids crying because the other kid has the cooler toy.

Winkle923966d ago

To be fair, Apple started it with the ridiculous lawsuits. (Samsung, HTC, Android, Google etc.) Looks like it's their turn to get their pants sued off.

gdguide3966d ago

Do you follow the news at all? Apple has been constantly doing the same thing the last two years against Samsung and others. If Apple is going to try and slow down the leading market share of Android, why can't Google do this just once? Apple has had several lawsuits going at a time the last 2 years. I hate it regardless of who does it, but Apple has been playing cheap like this more than any company I've ever witnessed.

colonel1793965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

Apple sued Samsung because they copy-pasted the iPhone. Just look at the Galaxy phone, it's like the same but badly done. The same icons, the same design.

Google is doing the same with Android. Android phones were supposed to be a copy of blackberry, but then the iPhone came out and they changed it so it would be the same.

The truth is that Apple is the one doing things right.

Just look at the iPad. Before it, there was only Kindle to read books. After the iPad came out, EVERY SINGLE TABLET is just a wannabe iPad. Not only that, but nobody had been interested in releasing an iPad-like tablet, until Apple released it. MS even said that Apple was being dumb because it would never be successful.

The sad part, is that it's going to happen to whatever Apple releases and it's successful. If they actually release a TV (like the rumors have been saying) and they sell tons. I can assure you, every singe TV after that will be like apple's.

hazelamy3966d ago

you know it's Apple that have been suing people left right and centre lately.
and in some cases altering images of their targets to use as evidence.

so they're not exactly innocent here.

kingPoS3966d ago

That's not what patents were meant for.

Their all ready hard enough to keep track of.
Imagine that some self inventor made a brilliant device, but didn't know that the way it uses electricity already had several patents.

It's a vicious cycle. Even worse are the squatters that sit
on patents and do nothing with them.