Nearly 1 Million People Jailbroke Their iPhone or iPad Over the Weekend

John Paul Titlow, Read Write Web:

"People sure do love jailbreaking their iOS devices. In fact, after Friday's launch of the Absinthe A5 tool, jailbreaking iOS 5 on A5-powered devices was almost as popular as the iPhone 4S itself when it first launched.

Nearly 1 million people jailbroke their iPhone 4S or iPad 2 between Friday and Monday, according a blog post from the Chronic-Dev Team, who took the lead in developing the untethered solution for jailbreaking iOS 5 on Apple's newest gadgets."

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bahabeast3969d ago

i sold 2 iphone 4s for $400.00 because i couldnt get it unlocked at the time this sucks now im stuck with iphone 2g that dnt work with majority of updated apps.

Hozi3969d ago

Why would u sell ur better phone and keep the shitty phone? U could still have gotten unlocked if u paid.

bahabeast3968d ago

i live in the bahamas soo jailbreak is my only option bro.

Hozi3967d ago

I live in Trinidad and ever city is filled with stores that do Phone Unlocking/Jailbreaking. I pay about $200 and it's done.