Secret ACTA bill shakes the web, Online communities ready themselves for another fight

TechEye.net:With the online community seemingly victorious in defeating the SOPA/PIPA bills in the US, you might think a collective sigh of relief would be in order.

Attention on the SOPA fight is now quickly turning to another highly controversial attempt to protect intellectual property, which could allow for significantly greater powers to monitor web users. And the EU could be set to sign up despite strong opposition.

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Hozi4501d ago

This isnt good! Why can't they leave it be!!!


SOPA Ghosts Hinder U.S. Pirate Site Blocking Efforts - TorrentFreak

US music and movie industry companies helped to get pirate sites blocked in many countries but on their home turf, legal action is surprisingly absent. For years we have wondered why local ISPs are being left alone and we now have an answer. Former RIAA executive Neil Turkewitz says that SOPA's ghosts have been a major stumbling block.

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Cobra9512415d ago

Allowing private entities the power to censor the internet is never a good idea. If pirates can get blocked, so can unpopular bloggers and political groups. There are good reasons why SOPA failed, and if that failure is still bearing fruit, I applaud it.


EFF Told to “Shut the Hell Up” About SOPA

Warnings from the EFF this week that Hollywood is making renewed efforts to obtain SOPA-like powers over Internet companies has touched a nerve, with filmmakers and anti-piracy activists attacking from all angles. The EFF should stop talking about the past, its critics say, and admit that the Internet won't get broken by Hollywood.

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US Court Wipes Sites From The Internet For 'Infringement' Without Even Alerting Sites In Question

TorrentFreak has the exceptionally troubling story of a federal district court in Oregon issuing an incredibly broad and questionable order, effectively wiping a bunch of websites out, without ever letting the websites in question know that they were being "tried" in court. The request came from ABS-CBN, a giant Filipino entertainment company arguing infringement, of course. But the argument against these sites is somewhat questionable already, made worse by the demand that the whole thing be done under seal (without alerting the site operators). Then Judge Anna Brown granted the temporary restraining order, basically deleting these sites from the internet, without even a sniff of an adversarial hearing.

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Settler3564d ago

The US gov. needs to back off the internet. Leave it to someone more responsible.