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Why I pirate

Sebastian Anthony, Extreme Tech:

"Why is the United States Congress trying to enact SOPA and PIPA? Because I am a pirate.

That’s the simple fact of the matter: If piracy wasn’t such an issue for American rights holders (publishers, broadcasters, content creators), lobbies such as the RIAA and MPAA wouldn’t have donated millions of dollars to morally bankrupt Representatives and Senators and the Stop Online Piracy Act and Protect IP Act would still be swimming in the ether."

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256bit3605d ago

movies are expensive i rather get it for free rather than give my money away to those that worked really hard on it. also why would i pay if my money only helps hollywood bring out more movies. who cares about those that worked behind the camera and stuff like that. who cares if the author doesnt get any money and starves to death cause we are not paying for his work.

-this is why i pirate :D

Flavor3605d ago

Don;t expect anyone to agree with you. they are all suffering cognitive dissonance.

Sillyace923605d ago

Haha, I see what you did there

arjman3604d ago

If 'hollywood' paid a fifth of the salary of someone like Brad Pitt to their camera men they'd be set for years. It's not our fault that the people working on the movie backstage get paid a pittance compared to the big stars.

FriedGoat3605d ago

The stupid thing about this is they actually think that if you couldn't get it for free you would buy it.
This is not the case, can't get it for free? Won't get it at all.

Flavor3605d ago

I am old enough to remember going to midtown comics on 7th avenue, waiting for the next volume of the 'GTO' manga to be on sale.
Yes, genius, when things are given away for free, people stop paying for them.
Your 'won't get it at all' statement is the same dead end argument put forth by freetards and hippies. So everything is free or it has no value? Okay, off your meds?

Yi-Long3604d ago (Edited 3604d ago )

... 17 of Dr. Slump, and a whole bunch of other mangabooks and comicbooks, which says I buy the real deal, even if I can pirate.

I DO pirate, don't get me wrong, but something has to offer value for money, AND be available in proper quality, for me to buy it.

I usually end up buying the stuff I like (I try to stick to my budget of 100 euro a month on buying entertainment, like BR's, games and books), and piracy just gives you an opportunity to check out stuff to actually see if you'll like it.

You wanna know why you can buy manga like GTO in the west!? Because publishers took note of more and more people taking an interest in the medium. And how did those people get interested? Downloading fansubbed anime, downloading translated manga-scans, etc etc.

Piracy BROADENS the interest of people. People are now able to check out new and rare stuff which isn't available in their market, thus giving a message to local publishers: WE ACTUALLY LIKE THIS!!!

It's why people all over the world massively download The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. It's why people all over the world download anime. It's why people all over the world download shows that are broadcast only in the USA. Etc etc. Which in itself peaks interest from local broadcasters and publishers to buy those rights to also make it available to local viewers, readers, customers.

And yes, you will always have a bunch of people who will never pay a single penny for something if they can download it for free. Truth is, those people would probably spend very little on entertainment anyway, just watching the stuff that comes on TV or maybe occasionally renting or borrowing a movie. It's not like those people would go on massive spendingsprees once downloading stuff becomes unable.

Then there's also people who are just digital hoarders, who download all the stuff in the best quality, but seldom actually watch all of it.

And you have people like me, who like to have a digital back-up, either for quick access, or for portability, or whatever. I'll be moving to Hong Kong end of the year. I have a huge amount of books that I can't take with me. Obviously, I'll see if I can download those digitally to be able to access them when I'm there on a laptop or an tablet (which I will have to purchase for that reason).

It's just not a black/white issue, and research keeps showing that piracy actually INCREASES sales, instead of diminishing it. Obviously, when you put out a crappy product which people won't buy, it's easiest to just blame it on piracy, but that's just now how it works.

DaMist3604d ago

A little off-topic, but I miss going to midtown comics!

PetitPiPi3604d ago

"Can't get it for free? Won't get it at all"

Exactly. I wouldn't have paid for 90% of the crap movies i've watched. Hollywood needs to step up their game. Same goes for the music industry. One good song on an album is not worth $15.

BlackTar1873604d ago (Edited 3604d ago )

at what part does anything y9ou say provide a reason to take and not pay?

You pirates are so good at excuses on why yuo steal but never ecer acknowledge the other side whihc in the long run and bigger picture effect more lives then your I want it free cuz Hollywood or artist only make 1 good thing line.

Selfish pirates with no sense of anything but entitlement.

I didn't mean YOU Pirates unless you are lol

FreydaWright3604d ago

@PetitPiPi - For one, read movie reviews. I suggest IMDB or Rotten Tomatoes. You can only blame yourself for buying The Mask 2.

Concerning music, turn off your radio. Explore other options besides Nicki Minaj and Pitbull. Again, it's your fault for considering only the tip of this iceberg.

Hozi3605d ago

Correct....90% of the movies coming out are all crap. Wouldn't even pirate it.

Flavor3605d ago

Well, haha, Kim Dotcom didn't buy that fleet of Mercedes benzes with money he got by streaming movies nobody wanted to watch.

Everybody uses the 'movies are crap, I don't even watch them' excuse. It makes literally no sense.

Hozi3605d ago

There are millions of people who used MU for legit purposes. I frankly don't care to watch movies more than once so when a good movie comes out I go see it in Cinemas and thats that. I can show u my HDD right now and the only thing you will see pirated is a a game.

FlashXIII3605d ago (Edited 3605d ago )

What I find interesting about the whole anti piracy thing is that everyone seems to think that piracy is hurting the actual creators of stuff.

I can't say I understand how the supposed "creative" industries work but I bet that if piracy stopped completely tomorrow, 99% of the extra revenue would go to the people who already have more money than they could ever possibly need. Or invested into making them even more money. Royalties would probably make the creators more money but I bet they wouldn't get paid more all of a sudden.

Not to say that justifies piracy but it would be interesting to see what would actually change if piracy did come to an end.. I'd bet with almost 100% certainty that it wouldn't lower the cost of products for us as consumers that's for sure.

arjman3604d ago

All this anti-piracy stuff is happening to gorge the rich elite groups of the world on money they don't need, its fucked up :/

RickHiggity3605d ago

As a PC gamer, I can say that I often pirate games to see how well they run on my rig. Demos are rare these days. And when a demo for a game is released, its a preorder bonus. More times that not though, I will end up buying the game afterwards.
There's also the time in between paychecks, where I will download an album so I can listen listen to my favorite artists until I am able to go out and buy the album.
Publishers need to rethink these kind of things before they come up with bullshit bills like SOPA and PIPA. Of course they won't though if they think they can squeeze as much money out of people as possible. Even if it means taking certain rights away from people.

SnakeCQC3604d ago

yh i do that to see how buggy a game is going to be. I wish i used this technique with console ports in the past(star wars force unleashed 2, metro 2033 the screen tear is insane )

arjman3604d ago

SOPA and PIPA are the least of our worries, ACTA is the real problem man.

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