Indian Teacher's Shock at His $9.8bn Bank Balance

Amitabha Bhattasali of BBC News:

"An Indian teacher got the shock of his life when he checked his bank account online and found 490bn rupees ($9.8bn).

Parijat Saha expected his balance to be $200 and could not believe his eyes - but a check at an ATM confirmed his billionaire status, on paper at least."

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zeal0us3654d ago

I would been withdrawing like ****, exchange the money for a different currency and then left the country.

C_Menz3654d ago

Yea it sucks that he wasn't able to.. Should have at least tried to get a few million out of it and try to act like nothing was out of the ordanary.

DeadManMcCarthy3654d ago

lol nah they would have easily caught him that way since they know his personal bank account name and details, plus they can extradite him even if he fled the country. something similar happened to a guy who got like 17 million accidently transferred into his bank account and fled the country but he got caught and now he's in some serious shit with the law.

altairahmad3654d ago

Why on earth did he 'ring' the bank ? He should have rang his wife to pack up ! #sad

kaveti66163654d ago

Rang the wife? Who needs a wife with that kind of money?

altairahmad3654d ago

And why do such errors happen to such good people only ? :(

SKUD3654d ago

Print account receipt. Drop it in front of hot indian babes. Let them pick it up and peek at the balance. PROFIT!

kaveti66163654d ago

I was saddened to read that his monthly income is 750 USD. Teachers deserve more.