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FileSonic and bow out in light of recent events

TechnologyMob: "After Megaupload was shutdown earlier this week another large file-sharing website has shutdown its services. A statement was posted on FileSonic's home page informing users that no further uploads would be allowed."

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Crazyglues4531d ago (Edited 4531d ago )

LoL... the rest of these sites are scared, can you really blame them... Sad day indeed.. -_-

blumatt4531d ago (Edited 4531d ago )

It's really for the best. People need to start purchasing their media. Buy your music, movies, and games people. It's gotten to the point to where people don't care about stealing things.

People say,"Well, those singers are rich enough. It doesn't hurt them." That's not the point. It doesn't make it right for you to pirate/steal just because they're already rich.

I understand that there might have been SOME legitimate content on these sites, but the vast majority of it was copyright content.

iceman29294531d ago


Because everyone can afford to buy every piece of media 3 times ( like they want you too) or you know there arnt any regional restrictions blocking me from content that i wounldnt mind paying for.

Honestly, basic economics dictates any infinite good should be priced at zero (the marginal cost of producing another unit is zero) what is scarce is the the future good or other tangeible/intangeible goods that are not replicable. A unique experience, connection, interaction, a unique limited physical good. But most of all, future production of a content should be crowdsource. The more popular a band/director/creator is, the more fans they will have. The more they can set a goal to reach so they will release content. To get your name out there, you need to build a fan base so make content release it for free and build from there.

WitWolfy4531d ago

..... Not looking good AT ALL! Wonder whats next newsgroups or torrents???

zeal0us4531d ago

I feel bad for those who brought a lifetime account through Filesonic. I know I brought an 1month account for downloading now thats useless. What Filesonic is now offering I can get through other sources for free.

Totoro174531d ago

I was thinking the same thing!! The lifetime membership looked tempting but to think stuff like this can happen? No thanks.

RedDevils4531d ago

The only one is left are Rapidshare that operates freely

lugia 40004531d ago

Its the end of the world... its coming

Totoro174531d ago

and I feel fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine

zeddy4531d ago

im going to hold out before investing in another file sharing site, no way im paying for something for it to close the next day. hopefully all this megaupload stuff will just blow over and we can enjoy file sharing for awhile atleast.

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