How Hollywood drives people to piracy

GigaOM: "Big media companies have been pushing SOPA and PIPA as a way to limit piracy, by removing consumers’ ability to find pirated content. But it’s not Google’s fault people are seeking out films online and watching pirated streams or downloads — it’s the studios’ fault for not making it easier for consumers to find and pay for that content instead."

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Cat3906d ago

"it’s the studios’ fault for not making it easier for consumers to find and pay for that content instead.""

Sure, this happens - for example my favorite show possibly ever, Gavin and Stacey, is a BBC production. Never aired in its entirety in the U.S., and you can't buy it on DVD or BluRay for NA players. So...

"But the important point here is that the studios are leaving money on the table by not giving viewers access to the movies that want to see and are willing to pay for."

Definitely, and the problem here seems to be greed - every studio/etc. wants their own system, their own Netflix, b/c they want a bigger slice of the pie. This is a striking parallel to the early iTunes days - and like that standoff, I expect studios will ultimately fold.

Additionally, cable providers are contributing, too. TWC can't manage to reliably broadcast HD channels and shows - so what happens when they botch an episode of a show I've ostensibly already paid to watch?

barb_wire3906d ago

If you're interested has the complete BD box set (region free,so it'll work just fine on a NA BD player) for roughly $24 - NA customers can buy from without any problems just as long as you have a visa or mastercard.

The Killer3906d ago

what about me if i live in Somalia and i want to watch some shows from Hollywood?

or i am not human enough to have the right to watch something funny?

Speed-Racer3906d ago

@The Killer - The networks don't care where you live. They care about about the licensing money they get from cable networks and from ads. Advertisers won't place ads if a majority of viewers are from Somalia, because most likely they won't buy squat. All about the $$$$$$$

I download my tv shows off the net, but that's on the premise that I already have cable and don't have the time to watch it at the alloted times. I guess it doesn't justify the ad portion, but I don't really buy anything based on tv commercials anyway.

Flavor3906d ago

It is impossible for legit entertainment companies to compete in terms of convenience with illegal sites like dead megaupload.

Remember the writers strike? That was over online royalties paid out by the studios. Specifically streaming. Megavideo stole the vids, so they don't have to pay royalties.

Also, no commercials DURING the video, since mega stole their vids for free. (well besides the banner ads that made them millions).

Legit companies have to play by the rules regarding licensing, royalties, payments, and regions. It's not the studio's fault, except for their honesty.

plumber153906d ago

The biggest problem is your cable/satellit provider, for not allowing the customer to pick there channels individually instead of packages . I dont want to have 3 out of 10 channels in the package that I picked to be french , I want to pick what I want to watch . so for not providing that to the consumer they flock to the internet to watch what they want when they want .

xVeZx3906d ago

that would be pretty awesome if you can pick the channels you want even if its like 5 channels lol

mrsatan3902d ago

The current system just isn't working. Hollywood and TV don't want to let go of their antiquated marketing and deployment schemes. The world has changed to be more connected and they just don't get it. I don't want to have to wait 6 months to watch the latest episode of Sherlock. Until they understand these things, people will keep pirating.