Do we want textbooks to live in Apple’s walled garden?

GigaOM: "Apple’s launch of a new suite of textbook-related services for the iPad is being widely celebrated, and with good reason. The ability to have beautiful, interactive and easy to use e-books on the tablet makes a huge amount of sense — as startups like Inkling have been arguing for a while — and Apple’s new book-authoring software could open up publishing to a much broader market. But as usual, all of this great design requires a major tradeoff: namely, that schools and publishers agree to be locked inside Apple’s walled-garden ecosystem. That might be fine for music and movies and games like Angry Birds, but is that really appropriate for educational material?"

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Gondee3294d ago

Why not? At least there will be some regulation on the quality of the Ebooks. Right now some are good, and some are a scrambled mess with no features. I would love to be able to buy books on the iPad, not only should they be cheaper, but apple usually does a good job emulating the feel of a physical book better than anyone else.