At Least 4.5 Million Sign Google's Anti-SOPA Petition

Gadgehit writes: "Google decided yesterday that it would link to an online anti-SOPA petition on its Google Search homepage, which has resulted in at least 4.5 million signatures against the proposed legislation."

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C_Menz3296d ago

Glad to see the average person is starting to learn about the bill. It will be a very sad day for this country if the bill gets passed.

They need to go back to the drawing board and think things through if they want to pass an anti-piracy law, one that focuses on the main culprits and not the average person.

gaffyh3296d ago

Yeah there was some news a few days ago saying the bill had been killed, but it seems that it was just misinformation. I don't think SOPA will ever go away, we'll have to keep fighting it in different forms over the years.

C_Menz3296d ago

Well, I think a bill that stops piracy is a good idea. Hopefully they actually ask professionals their opinion how to combat piracy and also internet based companies so they can form a good bill that only harms people who are distributing the pirated materials.

SOPA seems like it was 100% based upon the companies who are pushing it(music and film industry, etc) and had no outside input at all.

Piracy will never 100% go away, but they can make it less viable way for the average person without imposing "martial law" on the internet like with SOPA.