Wikipedia Will Go Offline On 18th January To Protest SOPA & PIPA

TechnologyMob: "By now almost everyone has heard of the proposed SOPA and PIPA bills that are currently being discussed in the United States. If passed it is widely believe that they could not just cripple the internet but potentially remove all the things that make the internet great. Now, Wikipedia is taking a drastic step to protest the proposed laws."

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technologymob4469d ago

It's a shame Twitter have now decided not to take a stance :/ Hopefully Facebook and others put something prominent on their pages, such as some form of 'gray out'.

fatstarr4468d ago

cant wait to see how this turns out.


WT:Social Will Be An Alternative To Facebook, Twitter: Wikipedia's Jimmy Wales

Jimmy Wales anticipates that ‘WT:Social’ networking and the program will be set off as another substitute to Facebook and Twitter to share the news.

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masterfox1607d ago

hell yeah another service to compromise even more your personal information, seriously from IT Engineer please use your brain a bit before sending your information to another unknown company.


20,000 Chinese writers will create their own Wikipedia competitor

"Our goal is not to catch up, but overtake."

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thorstein2536d ago

Make sure it only contains primary documents and it will be perfect. No need for the 20-30% of misinformation Wikipedia includes.


Turkey blocks Wikipedia over an alleged 'smear campaign'

Turkey just escalated its bid to silence online dissent.

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