British Student faces 10 years in US jail over ‘illegal’ website

What's Hawt: "British student Richard O’Dwyer will be extradited to the United States after his website, TV Shack, was shut down last year on the grounds of copyright infringement. He could face a maximum sentence of 10 years in a U.S. prison if found guilty."

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Speed-Racer3614d ago

While I don't support piracy, the US should have let the Brits handle the situation. But I guess when there are problems with the law, it can be exploited without any questions being asked.

gaffyh3613d ago

No way should he have been extradited, the US should have provided evidence to the UK courts, and the UK court should be doing the sentencing. So stupid that the UK just handed him over.

Raf1k13612d ago

I agree. Our govt loves to play lapdog for the US though.

Frak3613d ago

Will big a big fail if uk sends him over to the barbarians

Fadetoblack693613d ago

10 years in prison because someone was sharing/watching/listening to a show, movie, music etc. without paying *shakes head*

They're industries aren't failing due to piracy, they're failing because people simply aren't buying their garbage anymore; more and more people are getting lives and putting more value into the things they decide to buy. Personally, I haven't bought a new cd or *gasp* watched a movie or television in 5+ years now and to be honest, I don't miss it.

I think the world has larger problems than crying because somebody might be watching a show for free and handing out prison sentences just proves the idiocy of it all.

rezzah3613d ago

You realise that if you remove piracy from the equation that people will pay to see/hear.

The fact that people pirate things proves that there is a demand...So why would they pay if they can get it for free?

Reasons behind piracy do not hide the fact that you are, according to law, stealing because you do not pay.

And the one who are not getting paid are getting angry. So they will simply take you to court if they can wrap their hands around you.

robep33612d ago

His site gave links to were people could watch or download tv, movies etc if its garbage as you claim why do so many people want to watch without paying!!!!

If you relied on that for your income and people were STEALING from you I sure you would have a different view on things!

Hayabusa 1173612d ago

While I agree that there is still a massive demand for electronic media, it's also possible that some things are worth watching when they're free, but are not worth paying for. Lower priced goods are generally less valuable (generally) so yes, there are films and stuff that are worth watching/hearing if they're free, but not worth the asking price.

On the other hand, I think things like TV shows are far better these days then in, say, the 90s. And they do cost crap loads to make. But I do support piracy because I believe information should be free. I think they just need to think up new models to make money from them. Ironically piracy also helps publish these medias and get them known. The real problem is the people at the top of these corporations that don't want to take a pay cut and accept that times have changed. The artists suffer from piracy, the consumers suffer when they have to pay, the fat man in the middle is the one laughing.

fatstarr3612d ago

smh long live piracy when one falls another will come.

times are changing everyone just wants money to have a forever increasing profit margin year by year. that system is flawed and will be broken soon enough.

if something comes on tv for free why should I buy it.

but like a link portal is going to get him 10 years... thats kinda harsh but in the end of the day thats 10 years for billions of dollars. you get more time for drugs.

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