Sources suggest new FTC antitrust focus on Google+

Iain Thomson, The Register:

"The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) may be expanding its antitrust investigations to include the increasing integration of Google+ into Mountain View‘s search engine business.

Additional probes into the links between Google and its fledgling social network are being ordered to assess to what - if any - level Mountain View is favoring its own services in the search engine market, two sources told Bloomberg. The FTC declined to comment on the matter."

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Speed-Racer3906d ago (Edited 3906d ago )

I closed my G+ account last night. Not too happy about my posts being so obvious in Google's search results. They want us to share everything public, but I want it privatized. If I do an all private account, I get threatened of closure. What's up with that? It's their service yes, so I'll just leave and continue using Facebook.

SnakeCQC3905d ago

facebook is a slippery slope too my privacy settings keep changing once a few months and you can never actually leave facebook your account just goes dormant

Speed-Racer3905d ago

I read that there is now a complete delete option (even though Im sure they still keep your data). More me there was one time when my settings go reset, but other than that I never had to change anything (even though I do check it from time to time to make sure). I just couldn't understand why Google had to tightly wind G+ posts into searches. Employers these days can either fire your or deny hiring you based on simple posts you make anywhere on the web, so even if I was to deny them access to my accounts, Google's posts will still be very public. Faceboo doesn't seem to have as much rank in terms of search results.

Horny Melon3905d ago

It's funny this comes on the heals of google fighting sopa/pipa.

Reborn3904d ago

Whenever you sign up to these things though you risk this. Like Racer said, even if they offered you options to delete completely. Your info is probably sitting around on a server somewhere.