'Booth babes' stir controversy at 2012 CES

BBC: Some women at this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas have expressed their frustration at the scantily-clad "booth babes" hired by some companies to promote their stalls.

The BBC's Matt Danzico investigates whether this practice is an effective marketing strategy or a reflection on gender relations in technology.

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BeastOrange4092d ago

Wow I guess some people don't deserve to be at CES if the "Booth Babes" are the only thing they find interesting. Come on if I can sit down to watch a television show and see an attractive woman in a white bikini on the beach shilling away for maxi pads and a guy sailing a boat dropping Viagra every other commercial "Booth Babes" are just fine. Heck sex sells and some guys wouldn't even do a double look at some tech if a hot babe wasn't dancing in front of it!

5yN4MWQU4092d ago

You are contributing to global inequality and the perpetuation of patriarchy.

As a male technology journalist that frequents these conventions, I want to tell BBC that they've done fantastic work. I'm glad to see someone taking a stand against this sort of shameless promotion of sexuality and degradation of women's status in this world.

PokemonMaster4091d ago

We'll get men in tight clothes for you next year.

KeiserSosay47884091d ago I guess anyone of ANY gender whose only job is to look good and present a product is contributing as well?

5yN4MWQU4089d ago

@Keiser: So you're trying to put this off on members of the dominant group? I have no idea how what you said contributes to the conversation.

Some empirical facts:

Females make $0.77 to every dollar that a male makes (1). You can't even begin to argue equality until that matter is addressed.

Treating females as objects of sexual desirability creates and sustains the image of males being incapable of controlling themselves; it also, as mentioned above, maintains the image of women being petty creatures that are incapable of jobs beyond "looking pretty" (thus contributing to the aforementioned wage difference) (2, 3).


2. Viki, et al., "The 'True' Romantic: Benevolent Sexism and Paternalistic Chivalry"

3. Leon-Guerrero, Anna. Social Problems: Community, Policy, and Social Action. Canada: Pine Forge Press, 2011. Print.

Omega Zues4092d ago

Nothing wrong with it at all.

But of course your in America, so heaven forbid you "offend" someone.

Also...your kind of in Vegas, what are expecting?

ChrisW4092d ago

Women empowerment!!! WOOT!!! Wait... would that mean no more booth babes?

gamer78044092d ago

Everyone has different interests and abilities that help land them jobs. This particular job is helping some women make a living.

It takes all types of people to run a technology show. From admin, to security, custodial staff, booth attendents (with whatever degree of attractiveness), PR/Marketing, Sales, IT, CEOs, etc.

I can't help but think that jealousy plays a role in this video which confuses degradation to it's own reverse discrimination.

5yN4MWQU4089d ago

Yes, the chief skill of CEOs is mass theft and exploitation.

BeastOrange4092d ago

To me its like having some cake and getting to eat it too! @Lelldorianx you cant tell me someone is forcing these women to put on skimpy outfits, (that by the way mimick what they wear out to the clubs after work)and stand so that men can objectify them.These women CHOOSE this job, the job dosnt choose them. Whats next no cheerleaders in football?

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