Hands On @CES with Intel Smartphone Reference Design

TechSpy: "One of the biggest and most interesting things to come out of Intel's Keynote yesterday was the Smartphone Reference Design it was showing off. Hitting the floor today I made it a mission to get a hold of this device. Here is what I got."

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arjman3913d ago

Single core processor is a bit annoying, also uses a Power 540 gpu which is quite outdated and beaten out by the 543 mp2 and mali 400. What can I say, for a single core intel have done quite well, if they made a dual or quad core version and paired it with a better gpu they'd put themselves in a position of power.

Brawler3913d ago

No where does it say it uses the Power 540 GPU. Uses the Intel Graphics Media Accelerator and for the cpu is hyper threaded 1.6ghz Atom so it will have 2 cores one is just theoretical. Did you even read the article?

arjman3913d ago (Edited 3913d ago )

Smart ass, I read it on another article you shouldn't assume that I'm making this up. I think it was the Lenovo K800 phone which uses the 540, read up on it.
I didn't know it had hyper threading but will it blend? A theoretical core is never going to be as powerful as a real core.

Edit: Unlike you I'm basing this on an actual Intel-powered smartphone, so chill out before you go on attack mode

What do you think Intel Graphics Media accelerator actual means? They use existing GPUs, there isn't some special Intel-only GPU in there -_-