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You Built What?! A Wearable LED Television

Gregory Mone of PopSci:

"David Forbes was on his way home to Tucson, Arizona, after a family trip last summer when a policeman stopped him in the Detroit airport. The officer said he had received 50 panicked phone calls since Forbes had entered the building, and now his entire family had been marked for extra screening. The delay was inconvenient, but it shouldn’t have come as a surprise. Forbes had 160 circuit boards and enough electronics to start a data center strapped to his body. What the authorities didn’t realize, though, was that all the equipment wasn’t dangerous—it was actually a wearable TV set."

fatstarr4343d ago

the video would have been nice
but 20k is alot of moeny.

BeastOrange4343d ago

I agree the video would have been awesome and for the money who wears the tv they cant even watch. Seems like a great idea but a bust in execution.

Lord_Sloth4342d ago (Edited 4342d ago )

Flashing Logo shirts of the future confirmed.

...and they're ridiculously expensive.

hiredhelp4342d ago

WOW thats nuts hope he doesnt ware that down the pub,imagin a bird throwing beer on him ooohh shocking.


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