300+ Foxconn employees threatened mass suicide at Xbox 360 plant

What's Hawt: "Over 300 Employees at Foxconn’s Xbox 360 production plant threatened to commit suicide by jumping off a building, after they were denied wage increases."

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ChrisW4522d ago

Yup... that's China for you!

hiredhelp4523d ago

But if they jump cause bloody mess die, they never have a wage packet again.

aaaaaaaaa4523d ago

Plus they would never have the plesure of making all them 720's

SITH4522d ago

That'll solve everything.

There will be plenty of job openings.

zero_cool4522d ago (Edited 4522d ago )

Well if you haven't realized it yet but according to the morons on capital hill the united states is 9+ trillion dollars in debt & relying on federal loans from international banks.Sooner or later the international banks are gonna get fed up with the united states leeching off them & stop loaning the united states anymore federal loans from their banks.

P.S.expect major job cuts every where by companies throughout the united states throughout this year & beyond followed by another illegal war for profit.

Cheers everybody!

SilentNegotiator4522d ago

Yes, this is the United States fault. It has nothing to do with China treating workers like garbage. /s

SITH4522d ago (Edited 4522d ago )

Weather you know it or not, you described a recession. Just like the one that has been going on for four years. Where the hell have you been? And it is has been getting better here in the US. Unemployment is down, and the economy is improving. Time to take off the apocalyptic tin foil hat.

contra1574522d ago

If they bring the assembly line here at home this will stop and will create jobs.

kaveti66164522d ago

Yes, but then Microsoft's profit margins will decrease because they'll have to pay more to manufacture the hardware (higher wages in the states, worker's rights, you know), and then Microsoft will have to increase the price of the console to maintain profits so they can maintain share growth or else a bunch of old, greedy, daytraders will sell their stocks and the economy may collapse and perhaps people will smarten up to the idea that capitalism is a terrible joke of a system.

But that won't happen, because the Foxconn will just find 300 other people in China who are willing to work for slave's wages.

contra1574522d ago

Greed from unions Is what messes some of this shit up. Unions helps Protect the worker. These days some unions are asking for more and more every yr ridiculious .

kaveti66164522d ago

Greed from unions? Perhaps unions step over the line once in a while, but considering that the difference in salary between corporate executives and average employees has been increasing over time at a drastic rate, and continues to increase, I would say the unions simply exist to try and protect the workers from being overworked and underpaid. But yes, some, a very small amount of what's hurting our economy, might be attributed to the abuses of unions.

Once again, though, people tend to look at the small leaks in the plumbing while ignoring the gaping holes. It's kind of like how Republicans lament the 20 billion dollars the US loses every year to illegal immigration but completely ignores the more than 800 billion dollars we spend on the military (including weapons development and security contracts with Private Military Contractors in the Middle East).

SilentNegotiator4522d ago

If these directionless "Occupy ____" hippies redirected their strengths towards specifically decreasing CEO wages and increasing minimum wages, then maybe we'd see some real progress. But no, people ride the "capitalism has failed, bro! It's not our fault for sitting around and taking it; it's not like the majority's actions/demands have anything to do with how effective capitalism can be!" train.

People call for drastic changes instead of changes that will actually make a difference and improve things. They gather and wave around random signs, ranging from "Pay my tuition!" to antisemitic crap. They'll keep voting for puppet presidents and think things will improve.

People are blind and emotionally-driven. It's pathetic. They need to open their eyes and realize that capitalism has "failed" because they haven't REALLY taken drastic action. These specific Chinese workers however.....they put the occupiers to shame. Look at how they resist being treated by rats by refusing to work and make a statement that would take a hundred workers just to clean up before the streets below became a landmark and a symbol of oppression. Foxconn can "get more workers", but they can't stop a message so bold.

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Speed-Racer2691d ago

Guess this goes against what Donald Trump wanted?

Zerg2691d ago

I need to replace my crappy iPhone 7! Apple will definitely drop the price this round!

ProjectVulcan2690d ago

It's because of those pesky Chinese workers wanting ridiculous luxuries such as 'breaks' and less than 18 hour days while getting paid more than 50 cents an hour isn't it Foxconn?

Software_Lover2690d ago

And it will still be expensive.

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