ASUS and NVIDIA announce Tegra 3 powered 7″ ICS Tablet priced at just $249

AppSplit: "At the NVIDIA CES 12 press conference, it was all about the ASUS Transformer Prime and also another new comer to the tablet market by ASUS dubbed as ”ASUS EeePad MeMo”. The EeePad MeMo will be the first 7-inch ICS tablet. [Officially Transformer Prime was also the First 10-inch ICS tablet! So, Go ASUS!]"

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contra1573975d ago

Hopefully better than the Tegra 2.

dilawer3975d ago

Hopefully? It's definitely better than Tegra 2, It's Quad-Core!!
And you know what's even better? The $249 Price tag! :)

contra1573975d ago (Edited 3975d ago )

I had a droid X2, and I was a little disappointed with its performance. But it was pretty peppy. My iPhone 4S smashes it. I think the Tegra two would do better with a more optimize system for it, I think android 4.0 would be much well-suited for dual core . Apples processor which runs slower supposedly just runs better with its operating system and I think that's why the performance is so excellent.

dilawer3975d ago

well, Transformer Prime did well, so, i assume MeMo will be as good as the Prime.