Apple, RIM & Nokia provide Backdoor access to governments

What's Hawt: "Apple, RIM and Nokia have agreed to provide the Indian government backdoor access to customers’ mobile phones in exchange for more mobile market presence in India."

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SalvatoreLeone3987d ago

This is how it starts. Surprisingly, Microsoft has been fighting these kinds of intrusions lately. At least they have been providing or at least a lack of support for SOPA. Although this is a bit different, it is still the same kind of thing if governments can get into your stuff or space and change stuff.

Speed-Racer3987d ago

There are so many things wrong with the Indian government and they just keep going deeper into the crap hole. Not saying the Americans or Europeans are saints, but it does not reflect positively.

Blasphemy3986d ago

And you think America or these other countries don't have backdoor access to your phones?

fatstarr3986d ago

america is way worse, comit a serious computer related crime and see just how quickly you get caught. Just as broken here

GanjaMan3986d ago

NEW WORLD ORDER is getting closer and closer i reckon

triverse3986d ago

Access and tracking and such has been a part of the North American cell phone scene since the advent of "smart phones". Look it up.