Gorilla Glass 2 Reveal On Monday

Geeks Have Landed - Gorilla Glass 2 is set to be revealed at CES on Monday, and promises to be thinner than ever.

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Gondee3978d ago

Hopefully this time around it feels more expensive in hand. The last version felt like cheap plastic.

C_Menz3978d ago

Agreed. I like the product but it does feel a bit on the cheap side.

One of my Sony tv's uses one of Gorilla Glass's products to protect the screen and although it looks nice and holds up good it just feels like someone slapped some thick piece of plastic wrap on it.

Shackdaddy8363977d ago

I really hope they make it tougher somehow. I know that's a little unrealistic since it's glass and it can only be so durable but I just hate having to use a case for my phone.