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Gorilla Glass 2 Reveal On Monday

Geeks Have Landed - Gorilla Glass 2 is set to be revealed at CES on Monday, and promises to be thinner than ever.

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Gondee4482d ago

Hopefully this time around it feels more expensive in hand. The last version felt like cheap plastic.

C_Menz4482d ago

Agreed. I like the product but it does feel a bit on the cheap side.

One of my Sony tv's uses one of Gorilla Glass's products to protect the screen and although it looks nice and holds up good it just feels like someone slapped some thick piece of plastic wrap on it.

Shackdaddy8364481d ago

I really hope they make it tougher somehow. I know that's a little unrealistic since it's glass and it can only be so durable but I just hate having to use a case for my phone.


Samsung To Take On Gorilla Glass With Its Own ‘Unbreakable’ Glass

Samsung, in a bid to take on Corning and its Gorilla Glass, has come up with a glass panel of its own that is claimed to be 'unbreakable'.

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SunnyZ2088d ago

Not one single mention about scratch resistance. I wonder why...


OPPO Find 9 To Feature Gorilla Glass 5 Protection

While we are still unsure whether the OPPO Find 9 is in the works, the latest news from China reveals that the OPPO Find 9 flagship could come with the brand new Corning Gorilla Glass 5 protection. This is the latest generation of Gorilla Glass display, which also makes it the best. The glass is strengthened to survive higher drops, making sure that your phone’s display stays intact in your day to day usage.

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Corning responds to that worrying Galaxy Note 7 scratch test video

You’ve likely seen the video: Zack from JerryRigEverything performing his now-familiar durability test on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Surprisingly, he appears to leave visible scratches on the device’s Gorilla Glass 5 with a metal pick that rates a 3 on Mohs scale of hardness – “only one step above plastic,” as Zack notes in the video. A new glass from Corning that appears to scratch much more easily than its predecessor is admittedly hot news, but as is often the case, the “scandal” may have gotten blown a little out of proportion.

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KingPin2794d ago

dear god...people are still doing scratch tests, fire tests, bend tests etc in 2016

come on people. buy a $10 cover for your $300 phone to protect the back. and buy a cheap 3-5 dollar plastic screen protectors and your phone is pretty much protected for years.
and then use common know the simple things....dont put your phone in the same pocket as your keys. dont sit on your phone so dont put it in your back pocket. use lighters on your cigs, not your phone screen.

if they wanna do such tests, go after the "heavy duty" phones such as CAT or something.

TechImperia2794d ago

Nothing wrong in scratch tests man. These phones go through tougher scratch tests in the factories itself before coming out for the masses.

KingPin2793d ago

lol but every year they get scratched an equal amount...surprisingly. you would think there would be a difference between GG2 and GG3 but they pretty much the same. unless the metal gets weaker.....

TechImperia2794d ago

Now corning got nowhere to hide so they are coming up with the best excuses.

wowhdtechnology2793d ago

i think manufacturer companies bring such phones after complete test. so no need to test it again, just use and and enjoy :)