Steve Jobs Doll Legal In Most States, Not Indiana

PaidContent : Apple’s legal claim is largely bogus. While people can indeed own rights to their likeness, those rights usually apply only to living people. Under American law, so-called “personality rights” exist only at the state level—there is no federal law and only about a dozen states recognize image rights after death.

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Lord_Sloth3978d ago

Why the hell would somebody make a Doll of Jobs!?

I dunno why everybody's treating him like a fallen god anyway.

Speed-Racer3978d ago

Because there are stupid Apple fanboys who will buy it. Where there is a demand, you matter how stupid it sounds.

Serg3977d ago (Edited 3977d ago )

Exactly right, the bad thing is, those Apple fanboys are a vocal bunch. I got so sick of reading Steve Jobs centric headlines back when he died, especially when all the websites and even TV channels tried to constantly 1up themself by going from fanboy-love to inappropriatly affectionate all the way over to borderline necrophiliac. And they still won't let him rest in peace. Now they made a doll that Apple fanboys can put on their altar, also creating a new niche black market for it in Indiana.

I have to watch my weight with all the popcorn I consume in anticipation of what these nutJobs might do next. First they declare him most influentual person of the century, then they make a dating site for Apple fanboys/girls, now a Steve Jobs doll. I predict a Steve Jobs portrait on the moon done by NASA with a laser. You never know to what hights, or lows, depending on how you look at it, insane sheeple with a passion will go.

fatstarr3977d ago

"Apple claims to own rights to Jobs’ likeness."

stopped reading right there, you guys better read your terms of contract if that's what apple believes. from that statement alone means you cant make a funny cartoon with his likeness because you will be sued.