Microsoft builds a new 3D holographic system you can touch

New Rising Media: "Microsoft Research has unveiled the work they have been doing into a 3D hologram system that allows you to interact with the projections floating in midair, with surprising precision.

The system, code-named Project Vermeer, is able to project a 3D image at 15 frames per second, emulating 192 different viewpoints at a time, and presents a counter-point to what technological implementations there are currently."

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GroundsKeeperJimbo3979d ago

All I can think of when watching this is; Star Wars Holo-chess set.

ChrisW3979d ago

Annnnd... not the Holodeck??? :P

cheetorb3978d ago

I think of porn but then...I always think of porn

Anarki3977d ago

I think that was the first idea in most guys head when this was brought up.

C_Menz3979d ago

Very cool. I was always wondering when something like this would come along, hopefully it is widely available before I get to old and out of touch with technology.

adorie3979d ago

microsoft isn't the first to create interactive holography. again, someone else will probably commercialize this before microsoft can realize such potential to put it out themselves.

hazelamy3979d ago

it's an evolution of the mirror arrangement seen in the old time traveller arcade by sega.

i've seen 3d displays that used a spinning mirror to make the full 3d obect viewable from any angle, but this is the first time it's been tied with something like kinect to make it interactive just by simulating touch.

sadly i think we're still a long way away from seeing full 3d holograms projected into thin air like in the movies.
the trouble is we can't actually see the light that's projected until it hits something.
so you always need something to project onto.

Dark_king3978d ago

Were a very long way from full 3d holograms projected into the air.Just think of it this way.You would need 360 degrees of light projecting for just a single 2d circle(X axis and Y axis).Now for it to be 3d it would the Z axis thats 360 more circles to become a sphere putting us at 129,600 degrees of light projecting
.Thats just a simple sphere an just for arguments sake lets figure out how the resolution wold work.1080p is 2,073,600 pixels on just the x,y axis now adding the z axis its 746,496,000 points of projecting light.Thats a insane amount of projectors you would need,And you would always be in the way of the light if you where near it.Making the hole thing pointless.
A lot needs to be done before full 3d holograms are ever going to happen

fatstarr3978d ago

this is pretty awesome. hopefully the tech gets supremely better and they start working on lightsabers and gundams

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