Comcast uses BS excuse to raise billing rates

What's Hawt: "A Comcast Internet user noticed that his provider silently raised its rates under the guise that he was not being charged for a rental fee he should have paid for from the start."

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Speed-Racer3983d ago

What a shame. These guys clearly have some answering to do. If it's as wide spread as it seems, they might be in for some trouble as well.

bart22783982d ago

The assholes are doing the same thing to me. I used my own modem so I would not be charged a rental fee for using theirs. I noticed my bill was 7 dollars higher and I called. They gave me the run around and now they are "investigating" the situation. It's pretty simple either you sent me a modem and you have the shipping to prove it or you didn't and you are fucking me out of 7 dollars a month...I'm pissed off again just thinking about it.

Dogswithguns3982d ago

I don't have Comcast anymore. no more cable bills at all for me since the last summer.. free broadcasts all da way from now on!!!.. did I say "free"?!

3982d ago

Just get rid of them!! I fired them years ago!!

Speed-Racer3982d ago

Some people don't have a choice in their neighborhoods.

cjflora3981d ago

Just use Netflix, Hulu, and whatever cheaper services you can get your hands on. We cancelled cable and haven't regretted it yet in 6 months of not having it.

Speed-Racer3981d ago

@cjflora - but we are talking Internet Services actually. Some regions are monopolized by one carrier. e.g. Time Warner or Comcast, etc.

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