Windows 8 will refresh your PC without losing your data

Lace Whitney of CNET: "Windows 8 will provide a refresh option that can automatically restore your PC to a clean state without erasing all your data and customized settings. Due to appear in the Windows 8 beta that will debut next month, the refresh option makes good on Microsoft's earlier promise that it would give users an easy way to restore Windows in the event of a problem.

As described in yesterday's Building Windows 8 blog by Desmond Lee, a program manager on Microsoft Fundamentals team, the new OS will actually offer two ways to bring Windows back to factory condition:
• The refresh option will keep all personal data, important settings, and Metro style apps, and then reinstall Windows.
• The reset option will securely remove all data, settings, and applications, and then reinstall Windows."

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gaffyh3982d ago

This is pretty cool, Windows Vista to 7 transition was actually pretty good, I'm hoping the Windows 8 transition will be even better.

RememberThe3573982d ago

I agree, I never had too many problems with Vita though and I've had zero issues with 7. I'm looking forward to what 8 bring to the table.

fatstarr3979d ago

I think im gonna make a fresh build for windows 8. there are some memory problems In my demo but maybe its fixed by now