Quick ways to Optimize your WordPress site

TechTeria: Easy ,quick but effective ways to improve the performance of your Wordpress site for beginners.

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Speed-Racer3991d ago

For caching, use only the best: W3 Total Cache

You can also do HTML optimization by auto compressing images, using efficient CSS write ups, sprite images rather than separate images and minify CSS and JS scripts into one to reduce the number of external sites that are requested.

In terms of JS scripts, try to find asynchronous loading scripts so when your site loads, it loads at the same time rather than separately, reducing the overall load time. Also make sure to put scripts either in the header or footer and separate the calls instead of having each script call the host file all the time.

For instance, Facebook's XFBML can be planted many times across your site, but all you need to do is place the actual .js file in the header or footer.

If you must put big images, invest in a CDN provider such as MaxCDN or Level3. CDNs can cache many types of static content as well.

All this might sound like overkill for a small site, but any site taking too long to load will drive your viewers away to the competition.

kronicgeek3991d ago

Exactly. I was going to put some more detailed ways in the next post since this post was meant for the users with less knowledge regarding Wordpress or programming. Points which you mentioned are well effective too and I agree with it. I used W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache recently but didn't find much difference except for the fact that sometimes WP Super Cache fails to run on few servers.

Speed-Racer3991d ago

Both do the same with respect to caching HTML by itself, but you can minify CSS and JS, and Cache Database queries, Object content and even force caching on the browser end. It also has CDN and Varnish tools, but that's more technical stuff. Minifying your content helps cut down load times significantly for me.

On my server, I have Opcache (APC) installed, so all the static stuff passes through that instead of from the disk. Sucks that most shared hosts don't offer that (clearly so they can suck money from you). About a year ago, my site was on a shared server and got Reddited. POS server froze numerous times because of the traffic spike. Ended up switching to a cloud host. Been great ever since, especially with NGINX replacing Apache.

kronicgeek3991d ago

Yes and that's why Shared hosts can never be a success. Some shared web hosts even turn off essential features like mod_rewrite etc and their server is hardly able to survive even with small websites.