7 Things to Hide from Your Faceook Timeline

Yahoo: "The Facebook Timeline is rolling out across the world. Privacy watchdogs are up in arms - with good reason. The new timeline will essentially provide a single, continuous list of everything you've ever done on Facebook along with notes based on every fact you've shared with the social networking site. Your Facebook data can provide identity thieves with info needed to hack your passwords."

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fatstarr4481d ago

Or just make those secret questions passwords o.o

but I do agree on hiding birth info and stuff.

but seriously when they ask whats your favorite restaurant and you type in mcdonalds you deserve to be hacked.

and if your email address insnt secured to the max then this is all useless as well.

CandyCaptain4480d ago

I actually went about doing this, among other things when I switched my profile to timeline about 2 weeks ago. It shows way too much! lol

vectorash4476d ago

Facebook Timeline might be making your life a bit more public than you imagined.
Here's an easy to follow guide to make sure you don't share the wrong data with the wrong people:


Messenger will return the Facebook mobile app thanks to Meta

Messenger will return the Facebook mobile app thanks to Meta.

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How to change your birthday on Facebook

Now you can get happy birthday messages on your actual birthday instead of some random day.

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750d ago

Facebook says to follow its livestream rules or be banned, this is your only warning

Facebook has to implement new rules for Facebook Live because people are literally the worst. Now, if you break the rules you'll receive a ban.

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