Broadcasters try, try again with mobile TV

GigaOM: "Broadcasters have been looking for a carrier guinea pig to test out their mobile digital TV service, and on Wednesday they found one. MetroPCS has agreed later this year to sell an Samsung Android phone embedded with an Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC) chip, which will pluck digital TV signals directly from the broadcast airwaves.

The ATSC standard is backed by Mobile Content Venture, a consortium of TV networks FOX, ION Television, Bahakel, Univision, Telemundo and NBC as well as 15 broadcast groups that run local TV stations. The venture’s aim is to broadcast live feeds over spectrum already allocated for DTV, rather than stream individual video feeds over mobile broadband networks or rely on a separate digital broadcast service like Qualcomm’s ill-fated FLO TV."

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Broadcasters should try, try with Google Hangouts!