Microsoft to Sue UK Retailer for 'Fake' Windows Discs

Gadgehit writes: "Microsoft is suing UK electronics retailer, Comet, for allegedly creating and sell unauthorised CDs for its Windows operating systems. Microsoft claim that Comet created more than 94,000 Windows recovery discs, for Windows Vista and Windows XP operating systems, and sold them to consumers, which Microsoft believes was unfair to consumers."

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gaffyh3984d ago

I don't know why they are only targeting Comet, I remember buying a PC from PCWorld years ago with the same recovery disc-type thing. Honestly, I don't think MS has a case, unless it states in it's license agreement that it is illegal to distribute recovery discs.

Speed-Racer3984d ago

I'm guessing they must have been Volume License disks and they did a bit more than they should have. It's obvious a number of manufacturers distribute VL recovery discs, but they are authorized by MS to do so. I wish there were more details to work with. It's hard to say from the facts who is really right or wrong, because I don;t know what agreement Comet has with MS.

Syko3984d ago

I am confused by the fact that if Windows was installed on the computer, but the problem is with the "Recovery" disc. Then is the original install valid and the Recovery disc the problem or does that mean the original install wasn't ever valid?

And if the original install is valid then where is the disc for the copy of Windows?

Me right now ---> o_0 Fuuuuuuuuuuu..... *Mind Blown*

gaffyh3983d ago

Basically, the original installs that you get from these places have a load of extra crap installed e.g. AOL online etc. And then the company makes a set of recovery discs so if something goes wrong, you can restore it to exactly the way it was when you first bought the PC. It's basically a capture image of the operating system + basic software.

Speed-Racer3983d ago

So the question comes in as to whether all those discs issues had legal licenses to go with them, most likely on a volume basis.

gaffyh3983d ago

Possibly. I don't know exactly how they do it there, they could have been making a specific recovery disc for each computer, but that is very unlikely. If the volume license key was used, then technically you could use the same recovery disc on any PC and get a free version of Windows OS.

SnakeCQC3983d ago

uk retail groups have been pulling this shit for years i have never received a windows disc with any oc i have bought only a partition to make a recovery disc thats why i started building my own these retailers are crooks