Facebook, Twitter, Google, Amazon and eBay planning “Blackout” to protest SOPA

What's Hawt: "Some of the Internet’s big guns have banded together and are planning a possible “Blackout Day” to protest the SOPA/PIPA acts that are due for debate in Congress."

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Speed-Racer3985d ago

hope these guys go through with this and show they mean business.

SKUD3984d ago

Each of those companies have the capital to sustain a loss in revenue I'm not sure if a day (meaning an official 24hrs) would really raise awareness. If a real statement was made. A full week or at least 72hrs would really call attention to the issues at hand facing the network.

Its a great idea but I doubt they would actually go through with it. Investors would not be happy.

Syko3984d ago

Anything to make the American Government realize they need to adapt instead of fighting a futile effort in legislating the internet. They couldn't be more off base on the way they go about these things.

The Internet wins EVERY TIME!

SantistaUSA3984d ago

yep, and if they actually do this, lot of people would be calling tech support thinking something is wrong with their computer! People will go nuts! :)

RonyDean3985d ago

Love that these big companies are getting in on this!

gaffyh3985d ago

It is officially the end of the world.

dvfaa3985d ago

project mayhem is in full effect i see

DarkBlood3985d ago

good but damn i wonder when this is going to happen i planned on preordering 2 games near the end of the month on amazon

oh @#$@# it they can wait :P

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