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Beware the Facebook 'friend collector'

CNN: "Perhaps it's the inherently soul-crushing nature of the holiday season, but it seems many of our readers have been beset by quandaries of late. So, being the utterly benevolent souls that we are, we're choosing to devote this week's column to more reader questions.

This week we tackle Facebook friend collectors and the eternal query: To tweet or not to tweet?"

vectorash4486d ago

The new Facebook Timeline is a disaster for people's privacy, This new update will make your life a bit too public unless you pay attention..

I made an easy to follow guide on how to use the new Facebook Timeline wisely and securely:

BeastOrange4484d ago

Also the use of scripts is allowing many accounts to become unsecure and hacked by social hackers


Airlines abandon Twitter customer service amid high API fees

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Messenger will return the Facebook mobile app thanks to Meta.

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According to Elon Musk, writing essays will soon be possible on Twitter

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