Confessions of a Chromebook addict

Network World: "Last December, Google started shipping the Cr-48 -- a lightweight notebook running Chrome OS -- to select people across the U.S. This pilot program was meant to test the experimental "Chromebook" platform under real-world use, helping Google work out any kinks. About 60,000 Cr-48's were given away by the company. Acer and Samsung released their own Chromebook models for sale to the public on June 15.

Since then, there hasn't been much news about Chromebooks or Chrome OS. Depending on how you choose to look at things, the platform turned out to be a flop or another Google project in beta for an indefinite duration. (As of this writing, Google has yet to publicly release figures of how many Chromebooks have been sold.)

I was sent a Cr-48 by Google a year ago and I've found myself using it almost every day since. Here are my thoughts on the strengths, weaknesses, and mixed aspects of the Chromebook platform -- one year later."

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