Intel slams tablets

TechEYE: "Intel has started its media war on the tablet, pointing out that the keyboardless netbook has not got the brain power to tie its own shoelaces, if it had shoes that is.

In a report with the catchy title "Ultra Excited for Ultrabook" Intel has been setting out its stall as to why tablets were never the game changer that Apple claimed and why the world really needs a keyboard.

Penned by Intel's technical marketing engineer Shirley Chen, the report said that tablets have introduced some great features that support some of these use cases with longer battery life and touch capabilities in order to provide a more "enriched experience"."

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fatstarr3981d ago

We will see intel in 8 months full support. smh

Syko3981d ago

Ya get the numbers in the books flowing Intel's way, and watch the 180 of "Our processors are the future of Tablet Computing." lol