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Eight things I'm looking forward to seeing at CES

Harry McCracken from CNet: "Some of my colleagues in the tech journalism business actively despise the Consumer Electronics Show.

If they make the trek to Vegas in January, they complain about the experience from start to end, obsessing over all the little things they dislike about it. If they can figure out a way to avoid the show altogether, they do so, and gloat.

I have never understood these people. Yes, CES is crowded, crazy, and exhausting. Sure, the fact that the insanity is happening on and near the Las Vegas Strip makes it that much more surreal--I always come home with slot machines still ringing in the back of my brain.

I'm also aware that the industry has a long track record of getting all excited over new products, trends, and technologies that debut at CES and then never end up amounting to anything.

CES may be imperfect, but it remains by far the best single place on the planet to take the pulse of the consumer-electronics business. To mangle what Samuel Johnson said about London and life, if you're tired of CES, you're tired of technology. Not me. I'm looking forward to attending the 2012 edition week after next.

Here are some of the specific things I hope to see, including both items that will definitely be there and ones that are less of a sure thing."

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CES 2012 and technology trade shows: What's the real ROI of attending?

N10: Annual tech industry expo the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has just wrapped, introducing a slew of 2012's best new high-tech gadgets, apps and online services. But having absorbed the conference's record 20,000 new product debuts, provided courtesy of 3100 companies who demoed across a record-breaking 1.861 million net square feet of exhibition space, we're still left with more questions than answers. Chief among them: With launches in key categories like smartphones and tablet PCs largely taking a backseat to thinner connected TVs and expanding cloud multimedia services, does the show still remain relevant for entrepreneurs and small business owners?


Icrontic: The highlights of CES 2012

Icrontic writes:
"CES 2012 is over, but the faded memories reveal the things that stick out the most in our heads: The things we loved at CES."

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BeastOrange4456d ago

I have pretty much seen all the highlights already posted on here. Not much has been missed really.


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