Resolution: Learn to code in 2012. Here’s how you can start

VentureBeat: "If you, like many wanna-be nerds, made a new year’s resolution to learn to code (or code better, or learn a new language) in 2012, Codecademy has a lovely new resource for you. And it’s totally free, too.

Codecademy is a startlingly easy-to-use code-teaching website that debuted last year at Y Combinator’s Demo Days. It’s easy enough for a complete beginner to use; just type code snippets as directed in the interactive console.

Now, the young hackers in the Codecademy have launched Code Year. Codecademy co-founder Zach Sims writes to VentureBeat that the new site is “the beginning of an initiative… to get more people to learn to code in 2012.”

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