Ars Technica Review: Polaroid Z340 - Instant digital fun quickly wears off

Ars Technica: "Polaroid, having largely given up on instant photography in 2008, has soldiered on with several products featuring the "Zink" zero-ink printing technology. Its latest product, the Z340, marries a digital camera with an integrated 3x4" Zink printer to create a sort of "digital" Polaroid camera for the 21st century.

While the idea invokes nostalgia for Polaroid's instant cameras of yore, looking much like the Spectra cameras of the late 80s, it retains none of the charm of the old instant photography. The novelty of getting a physical print of a digital photo nearly "instantly" quickly wears off. What you're left with is a fair-to-middling 14-megapixel digital camera with unwieldy ergonomics, poor battery life, and somewhat expensive printing capabilities."

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