10 Hip-Hop Songs We Know Siri Can Rap

Evolve - "Apple’s voice-recognition software has practically been exploited for every situation imaginable, from advising horn dogs where to score Viagra to dishing out the fiercest snapbacks when asked why it’s “such a bitch.” Just goes to show you what most iPhone 4S-Stans really use the mobile virtual assistant for: entertainment purposes. In fact, here’s a couple of winners who had nothing else better to do than to record their next-gen handset reciting the lyrics to some of our favorite hip-hop joints—word for word."

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fatstarr3986d ago (Edited 3986d ago )

Siri gives some shifty and shady places to go to... I almost got killed yesterday cuz of its bad suggestion. I coulda gpsd it in my galaxy s... it but instead they wanted to use siri.

lol Ni**as in paris is funny