Sony Partially Retracts SOPA Support, Along With Nintendo, EA

After Anonymous declared that they were once again out to get Sony, this time for backing the Stop Online Piracy Act, the Japanese corporation has begun to reduce its level of support in the controversial act that many fear will severely hurt free speech and censor the internet. - PSLS

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Lord_Sloth3985d ago

Actually, Sony Nintendo, and EA backed off due to negative feedback from their fanbases. You know, those people who keep them in business?

theonlylolking3985d ago

The sony gaming department was not in SOPA but nintendo and EA were.

Lord_Sloth3985d ago

I'm aware of this, but most people don't realize that Sony has several different divisions so I try to dumb it down for the slow ones.

Adva3985d ago (Edited 3985d ago )

Funny how these folks are saying they backed down AFTER receiving threats. Decisions are not made overnight, there were talks already that they were going to back down even before these idiots put a threat out. But of course, why mention something which is not controversial. No hits.