GoDaddy bows to boycott, now 'opposes' SOPA copyright bill

CNET: "Dump GoDaddy Day" appears to have worked.

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lykaice4500d ago

Nah, those reddit folks have taken the situation too far.

zeal0us4500d ago (Edited 4500d ago )

They only oppose Sopa because they dislike the fact that would lose $$$/customers, nothing else. I bet the CEO of the company could care less.

Vames4500d ago

If people were wise, they would boycott GoDaddy still. The action the company took proves what the executives and CEO really think about SOPA, so this move by them won't change their minds, just a move to save face.

Speed-Racer4499d ago

Yea, I am moving my domains this weekend to a new registrar.


GoDaddy Admits Hacker’s Social Engineering Led It To Divulge Info In @N Twitter Account Hack

TechCrunch- An update in the @N account hacking case has just come through from GoDaddy, one of the companies involved in the somewhat convoluted social engineering case. The company admits that one of its employees was ‘socially engineered’ into giving out additional information which allowed a hacker to gain access to Naoki Hiroshima’s GoDaddy account.

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gizmig3737d ago

Finally Godaddy admits it.


How I Lost My $50,000 Twitter Username

Medium- A story of how PayPal and GoDaddy allowed the attack and caused me to lose my $50,000 Twitter username.

SJIND3739d ago

Best security is to have nothing of valuable...!

Raccoon3738d ago

The best security is to not exist at all, because even before we are born we are worth something...

hiredhelp3738d ago

RRRRRR So thats were ive been going wrong

Speed-Racer3738d ago

Saw that twitter reset his account and before he got the chance to re-sign up, someone else swooped up the name. How funny is that?

gizmig3738d ago

$50,000 twitter username. I don't know how much mine is worth. Anyone interested in buying mine. LMAO!

hkgamer3738d ago

its a shame that guy actually had his godaddy and other webistes held hostage.its stealing and companies should have done something to resolve thst matter.

im not surprised some companies giving away personal information. a clueless staff will always give information away.

i've managed to get information from banks before without giving proper personal info. well it was for my account and my brothers, but getting full name, dob and address wrong and still able to get some information is downright scary.

Trunkz3738d ago

I guess he regrets not taking that $50,000 offer now XD

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The UK is going nuts about porn and Go Daddy and Nominet are helping

Domain Incite- In recent months the unhinged right of the British press has been steadily cajoling the UK government into “doing something about internet porn”, and the government has been responding.

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Anthotis3911d ago (Edited 3911d ago )

This latest bout of moral outrage is best described as Argumentum Ad Thinkofthechildren.

This BS isn't restricted to the right by any means, though. We've also been getting grief from femnazis and white liberal beta males over "exploitation" in lads mags, and no doubt these same people will be jumping for joy over a porn ban.

SnakeCQC3911d ago

Whats going to happen is instead of jacking off kids are going to have even more unprotected sex.

Good job cameron, you bellend!

SilentNegotiator3910d ago (Edited 3910d ago )

http://www.youtube.com/watc... ?!?
lol, oh classic Simpsons.

Not trying to advocate a porn ban or anything, but is there REALLY any proof that a lack of porn leads to more unprotected sex? I don't let claims that "porn leads to rape" go and I'm not going to let a claim like that go without asking for proof.

SnakeCQC3910d ago

@ silent negotiator: Well when you look at the statistics sexual assaults dropped sharply with the introduction of porn, so i think its safe to say that there is a correlation and when its taken assaults will increase.

SilentNegotiator3910d ago

Violent crime itself is down. You can't place specific ones to create a correlation to porn.

SnakeCQC3910d ago (Edited 3910d ago )

dude look up the statistics before you make such comments and how sexual assualt(seperate category to violent crime) crimes actually did drop sharply

SilentNegotiator3910d ago

Sexual crimes are considered violent. It's a part of something that was already going down for a very long time. That's why the correlation doesn't work.

Now if there was a study that observed 1000 people without porn at their disposal and 1000 people with porn available that found the first half was involved in more sexual crime/aggression, then you could prove a likely correlation.

SnakeCQC3910d ago

sexualt assaults are a seperate statistics yes you can say violent offences wont really be affected overall or pick a bigger category like crime in general but then what's the point of the of these separate statistics if you aren't going to apply reasoning and look for the cause and effect for fluctuations.
At the very best case scenario you can safely say unwanted pregnancies will be on the rise(as an embarrassed kid 16 to even 19 may not use protection for ignorance of std rates and being to timid to buy contraceptives)

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Anarki3910d ago

Don't we all get exploited, you know, when we get money for doing things at that place we call "work"?

Gondee3910d ago

Yup, the UK really needs a decline in another area of its economics... Since this is a tech website, lets not forget how much porn really dictates others ares of technology. VCR, porn helped put the nail in HDDVD's coffin, adult 'toy' sales. Whenever a questionable standard comes to light, the silent majority that is porn users casts their votes and generally sways.

On a funny side note, can you imagine a time where the first time you had sex was the first time you saw the other sex naked! O_O

maniac763910d ago

Thats great,i dont watch porn everyday anyway lmfao. Betta start recordin ur fav clips hahaha