LG to Debut 84-inch Ultra Definition 3D TV at CES 2012

Examiner: LG Electronics is bringing out its big guns at next month's International CES show in Las Vegas.

The company announced today that it plans to debut it's 84-inch 3D Smart TV that uses Ultra Definition display technology - essentially a 4KTV.

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Wikkid6663986d ago

Wonder... how much that bad boy will be???

ChrisW3986d ago

If you have to ask... you can't afford it.

Speed-Racer3986d ago

Oh come on! He has to know so he can write out the check.

Dark_king3986d ago

Well lets see those their probable around a half a million a piece.when they start to be sold must likely around the 20k range with prices dropping as manufacturing increases and consumer interest picks up.

KurdGamer3986d ago

20k? its LG guys come on. First of i don't like LG products I think they are horrible IMO. But realistically speaking you might look at $3,999 - $4,999 for this T.V not $20,000.

blumatt3986d ago

Yeah, I'd have to agree with him. $20,000 sounds about right. Think about what this TV is:

84". That's very big.
3D. Expensive.
Ultra HD. Cutting Edge.

So yeah, 20k isn't that farfetched.

Why o why3986d ago (Edited 3986d ago )

Ill take the remotes

Agent_hitman3986d ago

I wonder if you hook your ps3 or 360 in that TV, will it be pixelated??.. That TV is so big that next generation console resolution is very impossible to max out in that monitor..

madjedi3986d ago

So figure 4-5k at first release for the 40 inch and more as the size increases, so i guess the ps5 and xbox4 will be capable of running at uh(ultra high) resolution. I can't see the ps4 having that resolution, though it probably be able to go past 1080p.

Can't the ps3 handle 1600p, grant you no content goes that high.

Looks like they are skipping straight to 4k for the next evolution or for lack of a better phrase generation of tv's. Whatever happened to the oled tvs?

Ramon3MR3983d ago

LG is showing a 55-inch OLED this month at CES in Las Vegas :)