The 25 Best Smartphones Of 2011

Complex - After an entire year of extensive hands-on reviews, Complex narrows down the industry's top 25 handsets.

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mcstorm3875d ago

Was this the best 25 USA mobiles of the year? I is so hen the list is good if it's not then it is missing smell amazing phones off of the list like the n9 and lumia 800 as well as the HTC titan. I also don't think the iphone should be number one as there are alot better looking phones out there as well as offering more features.

spunkee3113875d ago

I think way too many people jump on the band wagon to bash the iPhone. I have one. I love it. But its all about preference. Do I think it deserves the number 1 spot? Probably not. But definitely in the top 3. Droid heads seem to always want to find something to bash the iPhones.

TheFallenAngel3874d ago

Droid RAZR is by far the best of 2011.

uHuRu3874d ago

seriously, nothing compares to the Galaxy S II, it is the best phone ever made.