Tweet Complaints About Presents Received Show Us Christmas Spirit Is Dead

NRM writes "Christmas was a thoroughly cheerful, festive time for the majority of us. The exception would be the people who didn't get what they want, going to Twitter to publicly exclaim their ungrateful disappointment: hating life, parents and all things Christmas..." [ctd.]

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Speed-Racer3990d ago

"Next time, buy your own damn presents"

ahah. I've started buying me own gifts now and tell people to give me gifts of Cash or Amazon cards instead.

SactoGamer3989d ago

Effing spoiled and greedy kids.

gamernova3989d ago

The US Christmas spirit is not dead. There are well over 300 million people in the US. Lets not generalize a whole country over a few greedy bastards that are ungrateful.

ThirstyforFanta3989d ago

LOL so you say the christmas spirit is dead because a few TEENAGERS that are probably younger than 17 are complaining? You think this didn't happen before? They are just kids man

AMD_CROSSFIRE_FTW3989d ago (Edited 3989d ago )

LOL complaints about getting a kindle fire instead of an iPad...MAYBE MOMMY AND DADY DIDN'T WANT TO GO IN DEBT BY BUYING 600$ TABLETS INSTEAD OF SPENDING 200$ FOR A EQUAL TAB!!! WoW people are fucking dumb these days. If I got a Kindle fire I would be in heaven for f*** sakes.