Is Aakash “World’s Cheapest” Tablet worth buying?

TechTeria: Decide yourself whether UbiSlate, the "world's cheapest" tablet is worth buying or not. Take a look at the comparisons between it's two versions.

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fatstarr3991d ago

WTF is an RS rubies or something? and how much is that american?

ThirstyforFanta3991d ago

It's written in the article..
"one is Students’ version (Aakash/UbiSlate 7) which will cost around Rs 2,500 (approx. $47 USD) and the other one is UBIslate7+ Tablet, with a more powerful processor and features, which is set to be released later will cost around Rs 3,000 (approx. $56 USD)."

fatstarr3991d ago (Edited 3991d ago )

thank you. that's pretty cheap. and Im pretty sure that wasnt there when I read the article the first time.

kronicgeek3990d ago

@fatstarr: Yeah sorry for that, I updated the post with USD conversion so that people will be able to compare it to their currencies easily.