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Stream TV Set To Return To CES With 'Next Generation' Glasses-Free 3DTV

NRM writes "If there was one technology triumphed over anything else at last year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, it was glasses-free 3DTV; with companies like Toshiba, LG and Sony each showcasing what is possible to achieve without the need for active/passive 3D glasses.

Stream TV, makers of the Elocity tablets, was another electronics company on the show floor, demonstrating its own wares to a sceptical public. Despite little else seen in 2011 from the company in terms of units on shelves (despite promising a 52-inch version in May and 56-inch and 60-inch models in September), the company has now announced its intentions to unveil its new Ultra-D technology at CES 2012..." [ctd.]

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SquishyGorilla3997d ago

Still see 3DTV to be quite a gimmick; but in terms of hardware design and integration of 3D, this is probably the best chance to change mine (and many others') thoughts about it thus far.