Pocked-Lint: Samsung Series 7 Chronos 700Z review

Pocked-Lint: We can safely say that in 2011, PC manufacturers have stepped up to the mark when it comes to design. Although Apple has had a fairly long headstart, we’ve seen more head-turning design in the Windows market thanalmost any other time, and not just at the high-end either.

Samsung has been in the thick of it and the Series 7 Chronos, or 700Z, is no exception. But this isn’t an Ultrabook, fighting it out in the thin and light stakes, but a fully-fledged notebook, packing in the power, but without sacrificing portability and design.

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CES 2013: Samsung Lets Us Stroke Its Touch Friendly Notebooks [Video]

Maximum PC: Samsung seems to have its hands in a little bit of everything these days, from televisions and cameras, to smartphones and even home appliances, such as refrigerators. Since this isn't Maximum Washing Machine or Maximum Microwave, so we stopped by Samsung's setup to see what PCs it had on display at the Consumer Electronics Show. We were treated to a pair of notebooks, one of which is the new Series 7 Chronos.

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