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Stream TV launching glasses free Ultra-D 3DTV tech at CES, again

Engadget - We don't recall seeing Stream TV's Elocity 3T autostereoscopic 3D TV on shelves after our CES demo last year, but to be fair, we don't get out much. Not to worry however, as the company will be back at CES 2012, this time touting Ultra-D "next generation 3D without glasses display technology" that it claims will surpass all 3D experiences to date.

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Stream TV Ultra-D 3D Gaming Is Unreal - Shacknews

At CES 2015, Stream TV Networks' gaming guru explains how Ultra-D technology works with Epic Games' Unreal Engine 4 to bring glasses-free 3D gaming into the home in this exclusive interview.

jagiii3380d ago

The 3D looks really good in real life on these TVs.

barbarapeva3379d ago

these ultra-D tv's are great


CES 2012 and technology trade shows: What's the real ROI of attending?

N10: Annual tech industry expo the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has just wrapped, introducing a slew of 2012's best new high-tech gadgets, apps and online services. But having absorbed the conference's record 20,000 new product debuts, provided courtesy of 3100 companies who demoed across a record-breaking 1.861 million net square feet of exhibition space, we're still left with more questions than answers. Chief among them: With launches in key categories like smartphones and tablet PCs largely taking a backseat to thinner connected TVs and expanding cloud multimedia services, does the show still remain relevant for entrepreneurs and small business owners?


Icrontic: The highlights of CES 2012

Icrontic writes:
"CES 2012 is over, but the faded memories reveal the things that stick out the most in our heads: The things we loved at CES."

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BeastOrange4457d ago

I have pretty much seen all the highlights already posted on here. Not much has been missed really.